Not Enough Cows in Alaska

Not enough Cows in Alaska

Alaska may have a lot of cow moose, but dairy cows are in short supply. In our early days our ice cream mix was made for us by a local dairy but even then additional cream had to be sent up from Oregon.

As our usage increased, we found that the Alaska dairies did not have enough cows to produce our ice cream mix.

Today all of our mix is made for us by Lochmead Dairy, a third generation family farm in Oregon. Lochmead dairy does not use bovine growth hormone. The mix is made according to our own proprietary formula. Only fresh cream and milk are used along with sugar, milk solids and egg yolk. A butterfat content of 16% places our ice cream in the super premium classification. To this mix Hot Licks adds the finest all natural ingredients such as pure Nielsen-Massey Vanilla, wild Alaska berries, real Guittard Chocolate and fresh or frozen fruits. Artificial colors, flavors and stabilizers are never used.