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Hot Licks Ice Cream Flavors

We have four flavors that are available all the time: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Coffee. Vanilla is made with Nielsen Massey Pure Bourbon Vanilla, chocolate is made with Pure Guittard Chocolate Liquor, Strawberry is made with Oregon Strawberries, and Coffee is made with 100% Colombian Arabica coffee.

In addition to these four constant flavors we make an infinite number of other flavors. Part of the fun of making ice cream is making up new flavors and we do this continuously.

Rather than posting a list of hundreds of flavors, here are a few organized by category.

Alaska Flavors:

  • Alaska Blueberry - Made with handpicked wild blueberries from Interior Alaska.
  • Alaska Cranberry - Made with handpicked wild low bush cranberries from Interior Alaska.
  • Aurora Borealis - Vanilla ice cream with equal parts Alaska Blueberry and Alaska Cranberry puree swirled in.
  • Arctic Refuge Wildberry Snap - Vanilla ice cream with ginger snaps and equal parts Alaska Blueberry and Alaska Cranberry puree swirled in.
  • Northern Bluet - Vanilla Shower* ice cream with Alaska Blueberry puree swirled in.
  • Prudhoe - Nothing Alaska about this one but the name. Prudhoe is a double strength chocolate containing twice as much chocolate as chocolate ice cream.

*A Shower is when melted bittersweet chocolate is poured into the batch freezer during the freezing process. This results in tiny specks of bittersweet chocolate throughout. We use this technique with any flavor. Vanilla shower, Coffee Shower, Raspberry Shower, etc.

Fruit Flavors:

  • Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Banana, Mango, Apple, Lemon, Alaska Blueberry, Alaska Cranberry, Lime, Red Cherry, Orange, Pineapple, Apricot, Peach

Nut Flavors:

  • Walnut, Pecan, Almond, Pistachio, Peanut, Hazelnut

Liquor Flavors:

  • Rum Raisin - Monuka Raisins soaked overnight in Bacardi Dark Rum.
  • Kahlua - Homemade Kahlua made with fresh ground North Pole Coffee Beans

Beer Flavors:

We make beer ice cream in cooperation with Silver Gulch Brewing Company using their great beers and stouts.

Coffee and Tea flavors:

Besides our regular Coffee ice cream, we make a White Coffee by soaking a couple of pounds of North Pole Coffee Beans in cream overnight.  It looks like Vanilla Ice Cream but has a delicate coffee flavor. We also make Coffee Creole, which is a Coffee Molasses blend. Coffee Oreo is also quite popular. Our Tea flavors include Green Tea made with  Matcha and Chai Tea made with fresh brewed Assam tea spiced with clove, ginger, and coriander.

Dairy Free Ice Cream:

The dairy free ice cream is made with coconut milk.

Honey Ice Cream:

This is a 16% butterfat Super Premium ice cream sweetened with honey instead of sugar.

Other than Ice Cream:

In addition to our Super Premium (16% butterfat) ice cream, we also make these frozen desserts: Frozen Yogurt: Made with Yami live culture 2% butterfat yogurt. We make Vanilla and fruit flavored yogurt using the same Vanilla and fruits that we use in making our ice cream.


Gelato is Italian for ice cream. Our gelato mix is made for us by our dairy in Junction City, Oregon. It is 8% butterfat. We flavor gelato the same way we do our ice cream. Some popular gelato flavors are pistachio, hazelnut shower, lemon and vanilla bean.


Sorbets are non-dairy. They are made only with fruit and fruit juice. Raspberry, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, and Coconut are our customers favorite flavors. We also make great champagne and beer sorbets.


Sherbets are about 4% butterfat. We make an orange, a lemon, a lime and a raspberry sherbet. All our sherbets are made with real fruit juice or fruit puree.