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Cones and CupsCones and Cups

Hot Licks is super premium ice cream, made with 16% butterfat cream. This makes our ice cream richer and creamier than most. With about 25 flavors to choose from on any given day, there's always something new to try.




Get creative! Order an ice cream sundae or banana split any way you want it. Choose your ice cream flavors and your toppings, which include hot fudge, caramel, butterscotch, wild Alaska Blueberry (all homemade) and strawberry, raspberry, marshmallow and pineapple. Then add almonds or walnuts, whipped cream and a cherry. Or, you might like to try our Brownie Sundae. It’s a one scoop sundae on top of a homemade fudge brownie. A coffee mug sundae is served in a ceramic Hot Licks mug. Bring the mug with you on all future visits and get ten cents off on whatever you order to put in it, ice cream or hot drink.


Hot Licks shakes are thick and creamy and custom blended in all our luscious flavors. We have two sizes to choose from: 16 oz. and 20 oz.  Shakes are made with ice cream and just enough milk to blend it.

We also make smoothies, old-fashioned ice cream sodas, floats, Lime Rickeys (made with fresh squeezed lime juice), Hawaiian Shave Ice and ice cream sandwiches.

Coffee and Tea

Hot Licks is proud to serve North Pole Coffee. We offer the full range of Espresso drinks as well as our own (best you ever tasted) Frappuccino and Einstein’s Espresso (a scoop of Vanilla ice cream with a double shot of espresso poured over it) For Tea, we have a selection of about twelve high quality teas.

Alaska Blueberry PintBulk Ice Cream

Take home hand packed pints are always available in any flavor we are serving. Pre-packed pints of Vanilla, Chocolate, Alaska Blueberry, Strawberry, Nanook Nosh, Cookie and Cream, Butter Pecan, Malted Grapenut, Silver Gulch Forty Below Stout and Silver Gulch Cranberry. For big families, or parties, you may want more than a pint. Our next size up is a 1.5 gallon tub. This is about 25-30 servings. We stock a few of these in the shop, or you can order one for next day delivery. Want to make a sundae at home? All of our toppings are available by the pint and half pint.


Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream is available statewide to restaurants, hotels and ice cream dipping shops by the box or by the pallet. Hot Licks is also an authorized distributor of Guittard Chocolate and Joy ice cream cones. Contact us for pricing.

Gift Cards and T-Shirts and MugsGift Cards, T-Shirts and Mugs

Gift cards make a great gift for the ice cream or coffee lover in your life.  T-Shirts are all cotton and available in assorted colors and sizes.  Mugs are heavy old fashioned diner ceramic mugs. Buy them empty or containing a coffee mug sundae. When you return with the mug you will get ten cents off the price of whatever we fill it with for you.

Ice Cream CakesIce Cream Cakes

Off the shelf ice cream cakes are available at all times right out of the display freezer. These cakes are all 10” diameter round cakes with a core of either white or devil’s food cake. Most of the cake is ice cream. Available ice cream flavors will vary. Special orders are welcome with 48 hours advance notice. Special order cakes may be any flavor and decorated and inscribed to suit. Special order cakes are available in 9”and 10” rounds and 1/4 sheet, 1/2 sheet and full sheet. Click here to order a cake online!

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